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Larissa Powers

Learning Designer


What drives my work?
I believe in the power of resilience and creativity. Four years ago, I had an accident that still leaves me partially disabled. I bring my own experience of learning to live with chronic pain into my work. I also identify as an artist. I have been a dancer and writer all my life, and I am good at bringing a fresh perspective to everything I do.

What is my experience?
I have a broad set of experiences in education and social work. For five years, I worked in K12 operations and curriculum development. I also taught adult ESL classes for migrant farm workers in rural Appalachia. I spent another five years as a social worker, first as a Rehabilitation Supervisor at a mental health institution and then at a rural community services center where I led psychosocial rehabilitation. I am a fluent Spanish speaker; I spent nearly 15 years living in Spain and Chile.

What is my education?
I have a Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College. I have certifications as a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner and in Social Emotional Arts and Sensory Modulation Therapy.


We want to learn with you.

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