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Georgia Heyward

Founder & Executive Director


What drives my work?
I am a life-long educator, driven by the desire to make school a better experience for all students. I believe education "works" when it leads to a fulfilling life and personal agency. I focus on initiatives that put under-resourced students on the path toward life success, particularly those living in poverty, students living in rural areas, students with disabilities, and students who struggle with mental wellness challenges.

What is my experience?
For seven years, I was a senior researcher and senior manager at at the University of Washington's Center on Reinventing Public Education, Georgetown's Edunomics Lab, and Harvard University's Strategic Data Project. I led research and evaluation projects focused on career pathways, rural education, special education, and family experience of public school choice.

My research is informed by the time she spent as an educator. For nearly a decade I worked across the P-20 pipeline as a bilingual elementary teacher; a teacher and Academic Services Director at a start-up, dual language career pathway high school; and as the founding Assessment Director at a nonprofit college. Prior to teaching, I worked at an education nonprofit in Nicaragua and founded a community free school.

What is my education?
I have a Master's in Education Policy from the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from The Evergreen State College. I am a Washington state certified mediator.


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