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Fig Education Lab collaboratively designs, implements, and researches initiatives that improve the lives of students and communities. We believe the best and most enduring ideas in education come from combining practitioner wisdom, rigorous research and community assets.

Our Team


Founder & Executive Director


Board Member


Program Consultant




Learning Designer


What Sets Us Apart


As former teachers and leaders, we bring a practitioner lens to everything we do. 



We are a mission-driven organization that upholds honesty, humility, and ethical decision-making.


Starting with strengths that already exist, we develop research-based solutions informed by the experience of young people, families, and practitioners.



Policy,  resources, and leadership must work together for new programs to take hold. We identify what needs to be in place for lasting systems change.

Our Commitment to Inclusion & Opportunity

Our country has a long history of inequity. It started with the genocide and displacement of Native Americans and continued with slavery and colonization. This history has a direct and profound impact on K-12, post-secondary, and career options for our nation’s young people. We seek to disrupt these historic patterns through our work. 


We believe that all students have the right to a quality education, caring community, and personal wellbeing. But not everyone has access to these basic needs. We work to ensure that young people are in learning environments that close gaps in academic and career attainment. We help build programs that give students access to the supports they need to thrive. 

We strive to center inclusion and opportunity in everything we do. In our research and program design, we adopt a user-centered approach, ensuring that student, teacher, and community voices are part of the entire process. We produce a variety of final products so communities can use our findings in ways they find meaningful.


Inclusion and opportunity must start with us. We value different experiences and voices. We build an inclusive work environment where all humans can thrive. 


Why "fig"?

The fig tree, like our work, is practical, adaptable, and transformational. Fig trees can be used as food, medicine, and shade, adapting to grow as trees, vines, or shrubs across the globe. They are also symbols of personal transformation and wisdom. 


We want to learn with you.

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