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Joyice Robinson Myers

Board Member


What drives my work?
As a mother to teenage sons, I care about the educational attainment and forms of cultural capital that are often unavailable to Black male students and men, especially their personal wellbeing and that impact on Black women (romantic) and children (familial). I seek to advance the edu-economic standing of Black men, teach women how to navigate their personal relationships, and improve the quality of gender dynamics in the Black community through relationship research and education.

What is my experience?
I serve my community in two main roles. First, I serve as a Close Relationship Researcher who prioritizes the relationship between education, economics, and family/marital stability. Second, I serve as a Dating & Relationship Educator and the creator of Match Marry Mate™ to provide relationship education to Black women and couples.

My expertise has been featured by The Black Bachelorette and published in Single Wealthy Mommy, Shoutout Atlanta, and Bold Journey Magazine. I also publish research projects, deliver presentations, and author papers as a rising third year doctoral student. More of my work is available via the Match Marry Mate™ podcast or by tuning into the monthly broadcast hosted on Clubhouse, where Black women across the globe gather to glean real-time, actionable relationship advice.

What is my education?
I have earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Social Work from Warner University, my Master’s degree in Education from Piedmont College, and I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on social connection, close relationships, and development across the lifespan.


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